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Sony Biotracer PS-X75 turntable. A superb example.

Biotracer pick up arm detail Sony PS-X75 Biotracer turntable top view Sony Biotracer arm detail Sony PS-X75 Biotracer turntable Sony PS-X75 Biotracer turntable


Platter: 32cm aluminium alloy die-cast

Motor: linear BSL motor

Drive system: direct drive. High torque motor. Full speed within half a revolution.

Control system: crystal lock control, magnedisc servo control system

Speeds: 33.33 and 45rpm

Wow and flutter: 0.015% wrms

Signal to noise ratio: 78dB

Tonearm: universal electronic

Effective length: 235mm

Overhang: 13mm

Tracking force range: 0-3 grams.

Supplied cartridge headshell weight: 11 grams.

Cartridge weight requirements:  1-15 grams. Cartridges over  8 grams must use the extra counterweight supplied.

Dimensions: 480 x 165 x 420mm

Weight: 13kg.

Sony Biotracer turntable Sony PS-X75 turntable

The Sony PS-X75 is a 2-speed, directly driven turntable with the Biotracer electronically controlled tone arm. The horizontal and vertical movement of the arm is constantly monitored by it’s own sensors, and this information is passed to a “feedback” system which can  counteract and suppress arm resonances. This helps obtain the maximum signal to noise ratio by significantly improving tracking and stereo separation. Sonically, it provides an extremely stable image rarely heard by playing vinyl.  

The stylus force is applied electronically  by adjusting a control on the front panel, and can be adjusted whilst the record is playing. The correct anti-skating force is automatically applied when the stylus force is set.

Record size is detected by a photo sensor system.  If no record is on the platter, the tone arm will not descend but will return to the arm rest. An optical sensor detects a record's lead-in and return points, and the linear motor guides the tone arm quietly to the precise position.

The PS-X75 maintains an accurate and drift-free speed by referring to a frequency generated by a very stable crystal oscillator, and with the aid of a speed monitoring system which utilises a magnetic pick-up head and a pulse signal derived from a magnetic coating at the inside edge of the platter.

An electronic brake system stops the turntable quickly and smoothly.

The Sony PS-X75 is simply one of the greats, providing  a level of performance as high as can be attained by a very high calibre turntable. That it is manufactured with 1980’s technology is entirely immaterial. The sound quality is outstanding.

I have written an article on this site about the Sony Biotracer turntables.

The deck is easy to set up and requires no ongoing maintenance or re-aligning at regular intervals, as suspended chassis designs do. This example has been thoroughly checked and tested.

The Sony carbon clad headshell SH-160 shown in the photos is recommended and can be supplied for an additional £125.00. The original Biotracer PS-X75 headshell will be supplied with the deck as will a copy of the PS-X75 user manual. Cartridges shown are not included in the price.

Price: £ Sold



Sony SH-160 Carbon Clad Headshell

Sony PS-X75 headshell

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